The Half Moon Power team has experience in over 3,000MW of energy projects around the world.

Half Moon Power is a fully integrated U.S. renewable energy company. We draw on resources from around the world to develop, build, and operate the most competitive and efficient renewable energy projects. We help businesses, schools, and municipalities achieve energy independence through renewable energy projects. As electricity costs continue to rise, renewable energy is playing an increasing role in helping businesses reduce their reliance on third party power providers. Technology and geography don’t matter as much today for renewable energy projects. There are efficient solar projects in New Jersey and operating wind projects in Arizona. We help design, finance, construct, and operate the right solution at the right economics for your organization. Our goal is simple: Free your organization from antiquated and polluting energy constraints. We can help you profitably realize the power of independence.

Our Team

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Modern Business - Historic Name.

Half Moon Power takes Its name from the legendary ship "Half Moon”captained by Henry Hudson at a time when mastery of the wind powered man's Imagination - and made men's fortunes.

Rather than plotting a course eastward toward the Spice Islands, Hudson chose a northwest path, believing it to be a superior route. Along the way, the Half Moon crew discovered more than they set out for, including Hudson Bay, the Hudson River and an Island we now call Manhattan.

We're keeping captain Hudson's spirit of exploration and adventure alive through the discovery of new sources of revenue for landowners by harnessing the wind, creating home-grown energy to power our nation in a clean, economical way.