Gain Control Over Your Largest Variable Expense

Hosting a renewable energy project can bring incremental revenue to your business either through lower energy prices and lease payments.
Purchasing renewable energy through a long-term agreement enables you to lock in a substantial portion of your energy bill at a competitive rate for 15 to 20 years.
Green Badge
On-site renewable energy production delivers an enviable green marketing edge in today’s competitive marketplace.
Zero Risk
HMP assumes all development and financial risk for the project.
Participation in Upside
HMP has the ability to offer hosts additional financial participation in projects, delivering true ownership of the project back to you.
Renewable energy is no longer simply an environmental issue; home-grown renewable energy offers the fastest path to energy security.

Is it Right for My Organization?

Energy Needs
For most companies, energy cost is one of the largest variable expenses. If your power bill exceeds $100,000 per month, then chances are you would benefit from hosting a renewable energy system.
Land Availability
Typically a wind project requires 60 acres per MW, while solar requires a minimum of 5-6 acres of open space (or in excess of 250,000 square feet of roof space) per MW.
Resource Quality
In order to make projects financeable, certain unobstructed resource thresholds must be met for both wind and solar projects.
Transmission Access
Is your facility in close proximity to transmission infrastructure? Unless it’s a small behind the meter project, wind projects typically need access to 34.5kV transmission lines or greater.
Envirometal Considerations
If your business is located in a dense urban area, solar would be the preferred option. However, if you’re more remote and meet the above criteria, then wind might be the right direction for your company.
State Characteristics
Some states currently do not allow competition in the energy market. If your state does promote energy competition, chances are we can come up with a plan that will work.